Tips To Keep Your Vacation Cabin's Septic System Healthy

If you have finally realized your dream of owning a vacation cabin in the woods, then it is important for you to take proper care of your new cabin's septic system. Through regular professional maintenance and watching what you introduce into the tank, your cabin's septic system will be issue-free and functioning well for decades to come.

Ensuring that your family follows these tips will keep your new cabin's septic system healthy and functioning well:

Restrict Access to Any Items Other Than Water, Human Waste, and Septic-Safe Toilet Paper

Anything that you cannot dissolve in water should not be introduced into your cabin's septic system. Items such as sanitary products and food scraps should be disposed of in the trash and not flushed down the toilet or ground in a garbage disposal. These items can lead to clogs that result in expensive repair bills.

While it is necessary to put toilet paper down your new cabin's toilets, it is vital that you choose a brand that is safe and will not clog your septic system. Though toilet paper is often labeled as septic-safe, this is not always exactly the truth. Some toilet paper breaks down much better than other brands will in your septic tank.

To test your family's favorite brand of toilet paper for septic-safeness, place a square in a plastic zipper bag with a cup of water. Shake the bag vigorously for a minute or so. If the toilet paper completely breaks apart, then it is fine to use in your cabin's septic system. If you end up with a clump of cellulose fibers in the baggie, then you should purchase a different toilet paper.

Vary the Times Your Family Showers and Washes Laundry

Since the septic tank that services your new cabin is likely on the smaller side, you should always make an effort to prevent the tank from being flooded. Flooding of the tank can push solid materials down into the leach lines and damage them. To keep flooding at bay, vary the time that your family takes showers and washes laundry. Rather than everyone showering in the morning, have some family members shower in the evenings instead. Rather than washing all of your laundry on one day, wash a single load or two each day instead.

Have the Septic Tank Professionally Pumped and Cleaned

Finally, not only does your cabin's septic system require periodic pumping out to remove any excess solid buildup in the tank, the tank itself also needs to be professionally cleaned. The tank should be cleaned through the main tank access port on the top of the tank and not through the smaller connection inlet and outlet. Cleaning the tank through the larger access ensures that you get a better cleaning of the tank for your money. Cleaning the tank ensures that your system will last longer and not become damaged by the solids from the tank walls breaking off and flowing down through the rest of the system. For more information, contact a sewer contractor like Lavenders Contracting Ltd.