Why It's A Good Idea To Let A Professional Clean Your Grease Trap

Cleaning out the grease trap in your restaurant is such an important job that has to be done right, that it's best to hire a professional to do it. If your grease trap isn't cleaned out properly, it can clog up and cause problems in your restaurant that could affect your customers. Here are some things a professional can help you with.

Disposing Of The Grease

When your trap is cleaned, the grease is scraped off the walls and removed from the trap. The problem is what to do with the grease. You need a permit to dispose of it properly. A contractor will help you with this. He or she will remove the grease from your property and dispose of it in accordance with local regulations. A contractor has the certifications needed to dispose of grease. This requires filling out forms and filing them with local authorities. You don't have to worry about any of these details when you let a grease trap cleaning service maintain and clean your traps on schedule.

Maintaining Records

You'll need to document each time the trap is inspected and cleaned. You can't put off the paperwork or forget about it because your restaurant could be hit with a surprise inspection. The inspectors will want to look at your grease trap service records to make sure the traps have been properly maintained. A professional service like AAA Cesspool & Rooter Service handles all this paperwork as part of the routine maintenance call. Documents that are up to date show your grease trap isn't polluting the local sewer lines. If you don't have current documents, you might be fined or your restaurant might be closed down temporarily until the problem is worked out.

Looking For Warning Signs

Cleaning out a grease trap is important work, but it's not the only thing a cleaning service does. They also look for warning signs of potential problems so repairs can be made before parts actually become clogged or break down. The contractor has the expertise to make repairs on the spot so your trap continues to work smoothly until the next maintenance visit.

These are all good reasons to hire a professional grease trap cleaner, but there is something else to consider. Cleaning out a grease trap is not pleasant work. The traps have a foul odor and the grease is messy to work with. For that reason alone, it is worth paying someone else to maintain your traps. Plus, think of the time it will save when you consider how long it takes you to do DIY cleaning and file the paperwork. Your time could be much better spent on running your restaurant so it can be a success.