Four Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Help

Knowing your septic tank is in trouble isn't really something anybody wants to hear. However, it's important to know the signs and symptoms that your septic tank is struggling. If you can pinpoint how your tank is struggling you may be able to focus on the right area to fix.

Your Grass Is Greener

Garden aficionados maybe think it's great that their grass is looking a little more lush than usual. However, if your grass is showing signs of being greener on top of your septic tank it may be time to panic. Your lawn being greener on top of the tank may be a sign that your tank is leaking fluids into the area around it.

Standing Water

Another major sign that your septic is having a hard time is that your yard has large pools of standing water. If you notice large pools of standing water, this means that your septic is having a hard time draining. This is an issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. The water that can't drain through the septic could be infecting your yard with harmful bacteria.

Tank Levels Are Too High

If you pop open the lid of your septic tank and the water levels are right at the edge of the tank, your tank needs to be serviced as quickly as possible. Water levels in your septic tank should be at least a foot below the rim of the tank and should never cover the outlet pipe. If the outlet pipe is covered, it's a sign that the pipe has become severely clogged or damaged to the point that the water can no longer flow out properly. When liquid levels in the tank are getting too high you may notice water draining very slowly inside your home.

Sewage Is In Your Home

Finding sewage backing into your home is the biggest sign that your septic needs help. At this point, your septic has been crying for a long time. If you notice sewage in your home, you need to contact a professional to have your tank pumped immediately. From there the professional will have to diagnose why your septic tank failed. It could've been draining improperly, or may have been damaged.

If you don't feel comfortable diagnosing your septic tank's issues, talk to a professional, like Gotta Go Green. Working with somebody that deals with septic tanks on a regular basis means that you can get an accurate diagnosis and repair, all without getting your hands dirty.