Taking Care Of A Septic System

Your septic system is a dynamic and changing environment of bacteria and sewage. It is important that the septic system is taken care of properly, or you could end up with major problems. There is nothing like having a sewage problem. In order to keep from having your septic tank get backed up, you should take a few preventative steps and ensure that the septic system is taken care of properly. Here are a few different steps that you can take that will significantly increase the odds of your septic system running smoothly.


One of the first things that you should do is locate your septic tank and drain field. Your septic tank will usually be a few feet deeper than the lowest part of your home, but it could also be under your home or toward the edge of your property. The drainage field will usually be toward the edge of your property. If you do not know where these are located, hire a plumber to locate them for you. It is important to know where these are because you do not want to dig into one. It is also common to accidentally break a tank or obstruct the drain field by parking your vehicle on top of the drainage field or on top of the tank.

Watch What You Flush Or Drain

Most of the time when a septic tank is blocked, it is because something was flushed down the toilet or washed down a sink that simply should not have been. Things such as condoms, wrappers, cigarette butts, and other garbage should never be put down a toilet. It is also a bad idea to ever use your disposal. Food is very hard for the bacteria to break down. Speaking of bacteria, it is important that you do not use liquid drain cleaners often. The PH of liquid drain cleaners is very high and thus acts as a very strong base, and these strong bases can actually kill the bacteria in the septic system. Without the bacteria, the sewage is not going to break down. This can cause the system to back up.


Have your septic tank pumped at least every other year. It is smart to do it annually, but once every other year will suffice if you are taking care of the septic system. Having your tank pumped will just ensure that there is no blockage or obstruction taking place in your septic system. 

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