3 Tips To Help Reduce Septic System Problems And Costly Repairs

The septic system of your home is the most important component of the plumbing drain lines in your home. The septic system is where all the wastewater in your home goes and it is important that you have it maintained. There are also some things that you will want to do to reduce strain on the septic system and avoid costly repairs when it fails. Here are some tips that will help you reduce septic system problems and save on costly repairs:

1. The Drain Field and Excess Water from Landscape Drainage

One of the important components of the septic system that you do not think about much is the drain field. If it gets overburdened with too much water, it can cause the effluent to seep up, unpleasant odors and soggy patches in your lawn. These problems can even go back to the tank because the drain field is not draining properly. To reduce these problems, make sure landscape drainage directs water away from the drain field to prevent it from becoming over saturated. In addition, make sure you keep the area of the drain field free of clutter and do not put heavy objects like above-ground pools, vehicles or garden sheds over it.

2. The Water You Use in Your Home and How It Can Affect the Septic Tank

The water you use in your home will also affect the septic system. You want to be careful to not use too much water, which can cause the tank to quickly become overburdened. Consider solutions like reusing grey water for irrigation or upgrading plumbing fixtures with modern plumbing that uses less water. Reducing water consumption will prevent the tank from becoming too full of liquids, which will cause you to need septic tank pumping sooner to prevent problems.

3. What Goes Down the Toilet or Plumbing Drains Goes to The Septic Tank

It is important to be careful not to flush foreign materials that are not meant to be in the septic tank. You also want to watch what you wash down the drains in your home; chemicals will kill bacteria. When the tank does not have healthy levels of bacteria, solid waste cannot break down.

These are some tips that will help you avoid some of the most common septic system problems that can be costly to repair. Contact a septic service like River City Septic & Excavating to help with maintenance, repairs, and improvements to ensure your septic system is functioning properly.