3 Ways To Prevent A Septic Tank Emergency This Holiday Season

If you are planning on having a lot of guests over this holiday season, there are some steps you need to take to ensure that you don't end up having a septic tank emergency. 

#1 Post A Sign

Next to your toilet or in your bathroom, post a sign that tells people what they can and cannot put down your toilet. This sign should state that only toilet paper is allowed in the toilet, with directions on where to find the trash can for all other uses. Be sure to state that you have a sensitive septic tank. Many people who use city water systems are not as careful about what they put down their septic tank compared to individuals who pay for and have their own septic tanks. 

Put a trash can in your bathroom that has a lid. This will make people more comfortable with throwing away more intimate trash, such as used sanitary products. It may feel like overkill, but the extra reminder could save you from having a clogged up septic tank.

#2 Be Careful With How You Use Water

If you are having extra people over to your home, be careful with how you are using water in your home. Ask people to stagger when they take showers. Allow your guests to take showers in the morning, and ask your regular household members to take showers during the day or late at night. 

Run the dishwasher and the washing machine when everyone is out of the house or late at night. Make an effort to stagger when you are using water so you don't overload your septic tank. If you really have a lot of extra laundry to do, consider taking it to the laundry mat instead.

#3 Get Your Tank Pumped

Another way to protect your septic tank is to get your tank pumped before you have all of your guests over. Having your septic tank pumped will ensure that you have more than enough space in your septic tank all of your water needs, even with extra guests at your home. You will be able to take extra showers, run extra loads of laundry and run your dishwasher more frequently without having to worry about everything getting backed up. You should still stagger how you use your water so you are not sending more waste than your septic tank can handle to process at one time, but pumping your septic tank should greatly decrease the chance of a septic system emergency while you are hosting extra guests for the holidays.

If you still end up with a disaster on your hands, contact an emergency septic repair service right away.