The Executive Bathroom On Wheels: Where And When You Need Toilet Trailers

It is definitely not a blue porta-potty. It is not an outhouse either. In fact, toilet trailer rentals are in a class by themselves. These "posh potties on wheels" are major marvels, and they are built to impress. Trying to find an excuse to rent one? Here are some places and events where renting a toilet trailer is most apropos. 

Your New Office Building Is Ready, but the Plumbing Is Not

Building a brand-new office building takes time, but business marches on. When your clients need to meet with you, you can meet them in the new building. There is just one problem; the toilets are not hooked up yet. No matter; you have a toilet trailer parked outside. You also have the keys to let your clients in to use the room. Since these restrooms have flushing toilets, it is is no different than if you had a functional restroom in your building.

You Would Rather Use Toilet Trailers in the Campgrounds than Pit Toilets or Porta-Potties

The worst things about camping are always the toilets. You need air freshener just to enter a pit toilet (a giant hole in the ground collects human waste and leaves it exposed to the air while it decomposes). Porta-potties have their own air freshener, but are laden with microscopic fecal remnants and germs that cannot be washed off. You do not get any of that with a toilet trailer. They are just like the toilets and sinks at home; fully operational and very easy to clean. Smells are filtered out with vents and timed-release air fresheners. The waste is in a holding tank in the back, just like an RV, and campers are able to wash their hands right away with running water and soap.

You Have a Lot of Accidents Due to a Serious Psychological Condition

People who have issues with using public restrooms and are very particular about their own bathrooms suffer from a real psychological condition. It prevents them from using bathroom facilities when they desperately need to. Subsequently, they end up having a lot of bathroom accidents, which only makes the issue that much more embarrassing for them. Hence, many doctors prescribe portable toilet facilities for these patients, which helps alleviate their problems and stop the number of accidents the patients are having. If this sounds like a condition from which you suffer, you could benefit from a toilet trailer rental.