3 Guidelines To Follow When Renting Portable Toilets For Sporting Events

Whether you're planning a single baseball game, a day full of exciting soccer matches, or a weekend tournament, it's important to properly prepare the field and surrounding areas for the occasion. When renting portable toilets for your sporting events, here are a few guidelines to follow to make sure that the facilities are appropriate for your needs. 

1. Consider Who Will Be Attending the Sporting Event

When deciding how many portable toilets you want to rent, there's a few details to keep in mind. If you're holding multiple games or will be utilizing numerous locales at your sports complex, this means that you'll need to have more facilities than if you're only using one game site. You want the facilities to be accessible for all of the attendees. This might mean placing the facilities at a central locale or opting to rent multiple units so that you can disperse them throughout the complex. 

Not only do you need to contemplate how many audience and team members will be in attendance, but you should also consider the age of your attendees. In general, younger players or attendees need to go to the restroom with shorter notice than audience members. This means that you'll need to place the facilities relatively close to the fields.

Not only does close placement to the game site help prevent younger children from having accidents, but it also enables them to quickly return to their game after they use the facilities. Parents and spectators will also appreciate having a portable toilet in such close proximity, as they will likely have younger siblings or friends with them. 

2. Decide If You Want to Rent Any Coordinating Items

In addition to portable toilets, many rental companies offer other items that can enhance the facilities for your visitors. A hand-washing or hand sanitizing station is an excellent addition. Though some portable toilets have hand sanitizer dispensers inside the units, some individuals may be leery of using them. Children may spend additional time inside the unit getting hand sanitizer. Specific stations for hand washing will encourage visitors to exit the portable toilets in a timely manner. 

Another rental to explore is a unit specifically for changing diapers. Parents with babies and toddlers will appreciate having a designated space to tend to their child's needs.

3. Schedule Regular Servicing for Your Rental Toilets

Nothing is worse than having the smell of sewage waft through your event or seeing people turn away when they see the inside of your portable toilets. Help guarantee a great event by making sure that you schedule regular servicing for your rentals. The servicing schedule will vary based on how many people you have using your facilities. 

For more information, reach out to portable toilet rental services.