What Special Planning Accommodations Are Necessary For Luxury Restroom Trailers?

When it comes to event planning, small details can make a big impact on your guests. Your restroom solutions might not seem like the star of the show, but your guests will certainly notice if they aren't adequate. Going above and beyond, which you can do by hiring luxury trailers with amenities like air conditioning, can be a fantastic way to show your guests that you care about their comfort.

While these high-end portable restroom alternatives come with many advantages, they also require a bit more planning and care. Understanding these requirements now can help you to more comfortably make these luxurious facilities a part of your next event.

1. Transportation and Space

The standard-issue portable restroom is nothing if not space-efficient. Most companies deliver cubicle-style units on small trailers, but they can also fit on the back of many light-duty trucks. This versatility means that event planners often don't need to worry too much about the logistics of transporting the restrooms on-site.

With luxury units, the restroom is itself a trailer. The larger size means that you'll need to accommodate the unit's footprint and ensure access for the tow vehicle. Fortunately, restroom trailers are available in many sizes to fit nearly any venue. If you spend the time to assess your open space and transportation access, you should have no problem finding one that fits your needs.

2. On-Site Power Generation

Cool and comfortable air conditioning can be a welcome relief for guests at any outdoor event, but it doesn't come without a cost. Restroom trailers equipped with this feature will require some form of power access. You'll generally have three options to provide your trailers with the juice they need: on-site power, portable generators, or solar power.

If you're using on-site power, be aware that some larger trailers may require access to more than a single 110-volt outlet. Always consult with your venue about the electrical options available to you before selecting trailers to ensure that you can meet their requirements. Portable options, such as gas or solar generators, can fill in when on-site power is unavailable or inadequate.

3. Capacity

Most companies offer restroom trailers with two, three, or four individual stations. Since the trailers tend to be physically larger than an equivalent number of standard portable restrooms, it's crucial to ensure that you hire enough trailers to meet your event's capacity needs. When selecting your trailers, don't forget to ensure that they include sufficient ADA-compliant capacity for your event size as well.

Bringing restroom trailers with high-end amenities to your event adds a touch of comfort, class, and luxury to the proceedings. With a little extra planning and care, you can easily integrate these units into nearly any event. Contact a company that offers restroom trailers with AC to learn more.