Septic Tank Pumping And Care Tips

Failing to effectively protect and maintain your septic tank can lead to significant problems for your home. While septic tank maintenance is critical for the long-term performance of your home's plumbing, it may not be as difficult to avoid routine damage and malfunctions as you might have first assumed.

Understand The Limits Of Your Septic Tank System

Many homeowners lack a basic understanding of how their home's septic system functions. This can lead to them failing to appreciate the problems that can arise if inorganic materials enter the septic tank. This is largely due to the fact that septic systems use bacteria to rapidly decompose materials that enter the tank. If plastic or other inorganic materials enter the system, they may not be able to break down, which can lead to significant clogs forming. In addition to being mindful of the materials that you allow to enter the tan, you also need to be aware of the limits of the system in terms of the amount of water that it can process. If your family has substantially increased in size, your household may be using more water than the system can effectively treat. This will also increase the risks of clogs forming due to the fact that solid materials may be pushed out of the system by the new wastewater that is entering the unit.

Have The Tank Pumped And Inspected Every Few Years

Pumping the septic tank every few years is necessary to remove any solid materials that may have failed to decompose and that have settled along the bottom. Over time, this waste starts to fill the tank, which can lead to performance problems as a result of reduced capacity. After the tank has been pumped, it is also worthwhile to have the tank inspected. This inspection will help you to identify any cracks or other developing problems. Once these issues have been identified, you can arrange for the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Protect The Access Hatch To The Septic Tank

Your septic tank system has an exterior hatch that allows the tank to be pumped and inspected fairly easily. However, homeowners may neglect to protect this hatch in order to keep it in good condition. Placing a small marker near the location of this hatch will help you to remember where it is located so that you don't accidentally damage it.

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