3 Plumbing Issues You Should Call Your Plumber To Address

Even as a handy person, you cannot handle all plumbing issues in your home. Sometimes trying a DIY fix will only worsen the problem. Calling your plumber to address complicated plumbing issues ensures damage gets fixed right the first time. Here are five plumbing issues you should contact your plumber to address. 

1. Clogged Drains

If any of your sinks take a while to drain water, you should call your plumber to take a look at your drains. Slow draining sinks are an inconvenience because they slow down your day. 

Your plumber will find out what is clogging up the drains and fix the problem so you can enjoy using your sinks. Plumbing contractors understand what to do to get food particles, hair, and other waste out of the way so that water can flow smoothly. 

Taking care of a clogged drain in time saves you from dealing with a potential health hazard as a result of waste backing up into your sinks. Plumbing contractors use the right equipment to get waste out of the way without damaging your drainage system.

2. Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are every homeowner's nightmare because they can cause serious property damage if they go undetected. If you suspect that there might be a leak in your home, call your plumber to address the issue.

Experienced plumbers know how to get to the leak without tearing your floor or ceiling. They also have specialized equipment that helps fix the leak without compromising your water supply system. Plumbers can always tell a leak's location because they've encountered similar scenarios in their line of work. Your plumber will ensure the leaking area is sealed correctly so it doesn't wreak havoc in the future. 

3. Leaky Faucets

Almost every homeowner has encountered leaky faucets at one point in their life. A leaky faucet is a common plumbing problem that can cause serious water waste if left unaddressed. 

Many homeowners assume that fixing a leaky faucet is an easy DIY fix until they try to repair one and cause further damage. Professional plumbing contractors know that a leaky faucet could be a sign of a bigger underlying issue. Your plumber will take apart the faucet to find out the root of the problem. 

In some cases, a damaged component is causing the faucet to leak and a simple replacement restores your faucet. In other instances, your plumber will need to replace the entire faucet because it's too worn out to function as it should. 

So if you encounter a plumbing issue at home, you should call your plumber because DIY fixes might only worsen the damage. Work with plumbing contractors who will fix your plumbing issues right the first time.