Why Septic Pumping And Inspection Is Important Before Selling A Home

As part of your system's maintenance routine, you should schedule septic pumping every few years. 24/7 septic tank pumping is also available when there's an emergency and you can't wait until the next scheduled visit. 

Pumping your septic tank is another item to add to your to-do list as you prepare to sell your home. Here is a highlight of some important details to know.

The Law May Require It

A septic inspection, which comes after septic pumping, is a requirement in many states. In these states, the health department has the mandate to inspect all septic systems before the close of a home sale. Failure to do this will attract legal penalties and fines. Not only will the imposing of these fines cost you money, but the penalties can also delay your home sale.

The inspection report will contain a summary of information on your system. In addition to confirming that you completed the septic pumping, the report will also outline the overall condition of your system and all completed repairs. Hire a reputable septic inspector to ensure you comply with your local health department's guidelines.

The Buyer Will Almost Always Ask

Even if the law doesn't require it, lenders typically require an inspection report as one of the conditions to give buyers a mortgage. As such, if the buyer is getting a mortgage, you can be sure they will request an inspection.

Potential buyers also want to know that the on-site septic system is in good condition and functioning as it should for their peace of mind. Scheduling septic pumping and a thorough inspection will help provide that assurance. 

If you hesitate or neglect to schedule the inspection, it will only make potential buyers think there is something wrong with the system, giving them a reason to take their search for a home elsewhere. After all, no one wants to deal with an emergency and call for 24/7 septic tank pumping soon after moving into a new home to take care of waste left by the previous owner.

Time Your Septic Pumping Just Right

It is best to wait until you have a buyer to schedule septic pumping. Do it too soon, and you may need to schedule pumping and cleaning again in preparation for the inspection. This will only add to your costs, which can be overwhelming, especially if you have so much to do to get your home ready for sale.

Final Thoughts

You should schedule septic pumping and inspection when selling your home. You may not have any say in it if the law in your state requires it. It's also crucial in creating trust and providing assurance to the buyer.

Contact a local septic tank service to learn more.