Septic Systems: The Importance Of Prompt Servicing

Taking care of your septic tank is important for more reasons than you may realize. If you haven't always had a septic system, then there may be a lot you aren't aware of. Knowing what can happen due to neglecting the system is important so you understand the risks of putting maintenance and repairs off. Also, you should know the signs to watch for with regard to septic issues. This article will cover these things for you, so you'll be in a better position to take proper care of your septic system. 

The Reasons Proper Septic Care Is Important

When you take proper care of the septic system, you can count on it to perform the way it's designed to. This means the wastewater from your home will go into the septic tank. The solids will go to the bottom, and the liquids on top will be sent to the drainfield, where they will be naturally filtered. Some examples of things that can go wrong when proper care is neglected include: 

The drains can back up: One very troubling thing that can happen when the septic tank isn't emptied on time is that the drains can back up. This means sewage can come into your home. This creates a very bad mess that will need to be cleaned up. However, even more serious is the fact that it creates a health hazard for those in the home. 

There are high nitrate levels in the well water: If you rely on well water and have a septic system, then you'll want to pay close attention to the nitrate levels in the water. When the septic tank isn't getting proper maintenance, the nitrate levels in the well water can spike. 

The septic tank may need a full replacement: If you don't catch small repair issues early on, they can become more serious. If this happens, then what was a small repair job can turn into a big expense and a lot of work because the tank needs a full replacement. 

The Signs the Septic System Needs Servicing

In the best-case scenario, you'll know when you should have your septic tank emptied and have it done in time. However, it's not always easy to know when that time is, so you stand the chance of letting the septic tank go between servicing longer than you should. That's why it's important to know what signs to watch for that let you know the septic system needs help. Some signs to watch for include: 

The drains start draining slowly: If you start noticing the drains are draining slowly, then you want to have someone come out to empty and check the septic right away. 

There is a foul odor: Another indication the septic tank needs emptying is the horrible smell of sewage. When things get to this point, you have to act fast and let the septic company know it's an emergency situation. 

You hear gurgling sounds: If you hear gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing, then this can indicate there is a blockage in the septic system. This is another situation that demands immediate attention. 

There's pooling water in the yard: If you're suddenly seeing pooling water in the yard when there's no reason for it, then it can indicate the tank has a leak. This should be checked out right away. The best way to avoid trouble is to stay proactive with regard to septic servicing.

If you see these signs and know you need septic tank repairs, contact a local company.